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Content Samples

Congo brings your content to life. 😍

This section contains some demo pages that show how Congo renders different types of content. You can also see an example taxonomy listing page.

Sidenote: This page is just a standard Congo article listing and Hugo has been configured to generate a samples content type and display article summaries.


··1 min
Congo has built-in support for a number of FontAwesome 6 icons.


·3 min

This article offers a sample of basic Markdown formatting that can be used in Congo, also it shows how some basic HTML elements are decorated.

Rich Content

·1 min
This is an example of a rich content summary.

Mathematical notation

·1 min

KaTeX can be used to render mathematical notation within articles.


·1 min
Congo includes Chart.js for powerful charts and data visualisations.

Emoji 🪂

·1 min